Hearing Aid Repair in Scottsdale and Mesa, AZ

Hearing aid repair at Advanced Hearing Group

Hearing Aid Repair

If you are searching for “hearing aid repair near me” and you live in Mesa or Scottsdale, AZ, one of our hearing aid stores is probably conveniently located just a few minutes away!

Your hearing aids are important – in fact, you can’t function without them. So, when your hearing aids are broken or not working properly, life can grind to a halt. But because hearing aids are incredibly delicate and also relatively advanced technology, they can require periodic repairs as well as maintenance.

Hearing aid repair at Advanced Hearing Group

Hear Now and Pay Later

Hearing aid repairs at Advanced Hearing Group

Benefits of Hearing Aid Repairs at One of our Stores in Mesa or Scottsdale, AZ

The hearing professionals at AHG Hearing Aid Stores are happy to service or repair your hearing aids. The professionals at our Mesa, North Scottsdale, and South Scottsdale locations will:

  • Assess your hearing aids
  • Perform routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and cleaning
  • Perform basic repairs on-site
  • Provide expert advice on complex hearing aid repair needs
  • If required, coordinate all complex hearing aid repairs with your hearing aid manufacturer
Hearing aid repairs at Advanced Hearing Group

Troubleshooting Hearing Aid Issues

There are a number of minor issues that can cause your hearing aids to malfunction or maybe just not work the best. If your hearing aids aren’t working properly, you can check the following:

  • Clean your hearing aids: Dirt, debris, and earwax stuck in a port can cause your hearing aids to sound muffled or make a whistling sound. When your hearing aid isn’t working, visually inspect it to see if it is dirty, and try gently cleaning it off with a dry cloth. Or, if you prefer, bring it into one of our stores for a professional cleaning.
  • Change your hearing aid batteries: Dead, low power, or old hearing aid batteries can cause your hearing aid to malfunction. Replacing your worn-out batteries with a fresh new pair may solve your problem!
  • Check your hearing aid settings: Many hearing aids have multiple settings for different listening needs and uses. It may be possible that you accidently adjusted a setting and switched modes. Make sure they are in the correct mode. But, if you need help or are confused, simply come into our Mesa or Scottsdale hearing aid store and we can look at the settings for you.
  • Check your volume: It is entirely possible your hearing aid isn’t working because you accidently turned the volume down. Check your volume settings to make sure they’re at the right level.
Troubleshooting hearing aid issues
When hearing aid repairs are needed

When Hearing Aid Repairs Are Needed

If cleaning, maintenance, and troubleshooting still don’t work, and your hearing aids still need repairs, schedule an appointment to see one of our on-site professionals to help fix your hearing aids.

Whether you’re a current patient or not, or didn’t purchase your hearing aids through one of our stores, we are still happy to assist you with hearing aid repairs. Our professionals can perform a variety of hearing aid repairs on site in our North Scottsdale, South Scottsdale, or Mesa locations to minimize the time you have to spend without your devices.

If your hearing aids have been severely damaged or broken, we will coordinate sending your device(s) back to the manufacturer and work with them to understand the problem, establish a timeline for when your hearing aids will be repaired and returned, or offer expert advice about replacement if they are not repairable or it is not cost-effective to fix them.

Contact AHG Hearing Aid Stores to get your hearing aids repaired, and back to helping you live your best life.