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Welcome to the AHG Hearing Aid Store – Your local hearing aid provider in Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona. We provide hearing aids through Advanced Hearing Group. Although we do not sell hearing aids directly on this website, we will provide you with the information you need to know about hearing aids in order to find the best hearing aids for you. Click HERE to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced audiologists at one of our locations in Scottsdale or Mesa.

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Our Hearing Aid Brands

Phonak hearing aids


Phonak hearing devices use the latest technology to simplify life, both automatically and effortlessly, while providing you with an exceptional hearing experience, everywhere, every time.

Starkey hearing technologies


Starkey hearing aids are the perfect combination of exceptional sound quality and a discrete, easy fit. Custom innovation has led to an array of styles to choose from to seamlessly fit into your life.

ReSound hearing aid solutions


ReSound’s innovative hearing solutions combine original thinking and design with solid technology – all based on deep audiological insight and understanding of hearing aid users.


4 Key Reasons to Wear Hearing Aids

4 Key Reasons to Wear Hearing Aids

If your parents or grandparents had hearing aids, you might expect that every adult needs to wear hearing aids as they get older. While this is a common occurrence with aging, it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily need them, or that it’s even a bad thing. Hearing...

6 Steps to Getting the Best Hearing Aids

6 Steps to Getting the Best Hearing Aids

Has a friend or loved one told you recently that you need to get your hearing tested? Maybe you’re always asking people to repeat themselves. Or, perhaps you find that you need to turn up the volume on the TV or radio in order to hear what’s being said. If these signs...

7 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Hearing Aids

7 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Hearing Aids

If you have hearing loss, investing in a set of quality hearing aids is an important step in restoring your ability to hear well. Just like any other piece of technology, however, they do require care and maintenance. Let’s look at some practical tips for maintaining...

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