7 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Hearing Aids

Jul 6, 2021

If you have hearing loss, investing in a set of quality hearing aids is an important step in restoring your ability to hear well. Just like any other piece of technology, however, they do require care and maintenance. Let’s look at some practical tips for maintaining your hearing aids so they’ll continue to serve your hearing needs well for years to come.

Simple tips for maintaining your hearing aids

Whether you’re new to wearing them, or you’ve been using them for years, the steps to maintaining your hearing aids are the same.

  1. Treat your hearing aids with respect. After all, they are delicate pieces of technology. Handle them with care just like you would with anything else you consider valuable.
  2. Keep them clean. Hearing devices are made of intricate parts that work best when kept clean and free of debris. Ask your audiologist to explain the best way to clean your specific brand and model.
  3. Store them in a clean, dry place. Obviously, you’ll be wearing your hearing aids most of the time. But when you’re not, keep them in an area free of dust and moisture.
  4. Turn them off when not in use. Your hearing aid batteries will last longer and you’ll save money on battery replacements – that’s a win!
  5. Keep them out of reach of children. Children often pick up small objects and play with them or put them in their mouths. Protect your investment and your children by keeping hearing aids out of their reach.
  6. Get expert help for hearing aid repairs. If your hearing devices aren’t functioning as they should and the problem is not obvious, don’t try to repair them yourself. Schedule an appointment with your hearing healthcare professional so they can diagnose and fix the problem.
  7. Plan for routine adjustments. Hearing aids may work perfectly when you first get them. Over time, however, they often require minor adjustments to help them adequately meet your hearing needs. Schedule routine checkups with your audiologist for professional hearing aid cleaning, repairs, or adjustments.

Routine hearing evaluations can help

You will find that your hearing needs change over time. Sometimes, that means simply visiting your audiologist for a routine hearing evaluation and recommendations. Other times, you may need to get new hearing aids altogether.

In any case, maintaining your hearing aids is an important part of protecting your investment and your hearing. Contact us today if you have any questions, concerns, or comments about your hearing loss treatment plan or your hearing devices. We look forward to helping you find and keep the best hearing aids to meet your needs!

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